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Spotaknie 30 listopada 13:15-14:45 

Będziemy gościć naukowców z zagranicy: doktora Muhammada Ali Nasira z University of Leeds oraz Amara Rao z School of Management at BML Munjal University, chętnych do nawiązania współpracy.

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Sylwetki naukowców: 

Dr Muhammad Ali Nasir 
Associate Professor in Economics
Topic of the speech: Central Bank Digital Currencies : Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
Areas of expertise: Central Banking, Monetary Economics, International Economics & Finance, Energy Economics, Macroeconomics, European Monetary Union, Applied Econometrics
Muhammad Ali Nasir joined the University of Leeds in February 2022. Prior to that, he has worked as an Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Huddersfield since July 2020. Dr Nasir has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Leeds Business School between May 2012 –  June 2020. He has a PhD in Economics and is greatly interested in the areas of Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Financial Economics and International Economics.
He is an active researcher and has published in a number of reputable journals in the last few years. Dr Nasir is also involved in the research supervision of masters and doctoral level students. Dr Nasir is a key team player, possessing an excellent command of a wide range of analytical techniques paired with sound researching capabilities. He is well versed in a wide range of pedagogical and analytical techniques and their context of application. Dr Nasir possesses good communication and interpersonal skills. Dr Nasir demonstrates a strong commitment to innovative pedagogy, enterprise, research-informed teaching and productive collaborative research. Currently, he is working on the challenges of macroeconomic policy formulation and issues around financial stability, particularly in the Post- COVID-19 world.
Dr Nasir’s primary interests lie in the field of macroeconomic policies, monetary economics, financial economics, financial stability, European Monetary Union, applied econometrics and international trade and finance.
Amar Rao (optionally title)
School of Management at BML Munjal University, Gurugram, Haryana, India. 
Topic of the speech: Areas of expertise: interaction of financial assets, econometric modeling, energy economics, climate finance
He is actively involved in instructing postgraduate and Ph.D. students in the domains of Finance and Econometrics. Researcher of finance and economics with research areas in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Financial Assets, Capital Markets, Macroeconomics, and the Environment Expertise in Econometric methods and Panel data analysis with Python, R, Stata and Aptech GAUSS.

Spotkanie 11 grudnia 2023 

Tym razem wystąpi Ranadeva Jayasekera, PhD(Cambridge); ACMA(UK); F.T.C.D, Professor in Accounting, Trinity College; University of Dublin, Associate (Finance) Judge Business School; University of Cambridge.

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Sylwetki naukowców: 

Ranadeva Jayasekera PhD( Cambridge); ACMA(UK); F.T.C.D
Professor in Accounting 
Trinity College; University of Dublin
Associate (Finance) 
Judge Business School; University of Cambridge
Topic of the speech: Green accounting and climate finance
Areas of expertise: Market efficiency/failure characteristics, Real Options applications, capital structure issues
Ranadeva Jayasekera holds a first-class honours BA (Mathematics and Physics) from the University of Colombo and a PhD in Accounting & Finance from the University of Cambridge. He is a professionally qualified accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and has served at a senor capacity in three (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC) of the Big Four global accounting firms in London, Auckland and Colombo. 
He is a Professor in Accounting and Finance at the Trinity Business School and an Associate in Finance at the Judge Business School, Cambridge, and is a former faculty member of the University of Southampton (UK). He also serves as a Visiting Professor at Poznan Economics University (Poland) and Linkoping University (Sweden). He is widely published with over 25 publications in highly ranked international refereed journals on the broader role played by financial markets and economic agents on the creation of information asymmetry that effects positive and negative outcomes to the society. He has been awarded research grants in excess of £150,000 and is currently conducting research with the Asian Development Bank in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)/climate change. Ranadeva has lectured at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education levels, and has won numerous awards (e.g., British Chevening Scholarship, Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Award, Trinity Research excellence award, Trinity teaching excellence award) for scholarly research and teaching. He contributes to the curriculum revision process of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and is an officer of the British Accounting & Finance Association, Financial Markets and Institutions Special Interest Group.
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