Justus Liebig University Giessen zaprasza na Virtual International Programme (VIP)

Uczelnia partnerska Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Justus Liebig University Giessen, zaprasza na Virtual International Programme (VIP), który realizowany będzie w semestrze letnim. Poniżej znajdą Państwo informację o programie w języku angielskim.

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Virtual International Programme

VIP is a permanent offer of JLU’s cooperation activities and addresses international students interested in a virtual exchange experience to complement their studies in their home countries. For participating in the programme, students from our partner universities do not pay any registration, enrolment or credit fees to JLU. Students can apply directly online, we do not ask for official nominations beforehand.

See all information about the programme below and in the flyer and please do let us know if we can support your students during the process in any way.

JLU’s VIP in a nutshell:

International students get to choose one or more seminars and lectures from a varied study catalogue taught completely online. This offer includes over 40 online courses from 10 faculties at JLU at undergraduate and graduate level, held in various languages. As the offer is part of the regular JLU curriculum, international students enrolled will benefit from an international learning environment.

In addition to the specialized courses, our VIP offers interdisciplinary online courses and exclusive places in 3 online German language courses for beginners. Upon successful completion of the virtual exchange semester, international students will receive a Transcript of Records with credit points from JLU. Participation in the Virtual International Programme at JLU is free of charge for students from our partner universities.


Students are able to apply for the programme up to February 12th, 2023. We will also have an online question time on 31st January 2023, at 2pm (CEST) where students can ask their questions regarding the application process or the programme in general (see flyer attached).The summer semester starts April 3rd 2023 with our online Orientation Week for all international students. For further information about the course offer and the application process, please visit our JLU Digital Campus.

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