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The Polish-Japanese City Revitalization Day is an international conference targeted at the exchange of experience between Polish and Japanese experts in the field concerned. This symposium is meant for a vast range of recipients: specialists and decision makers, introducing revitalization processes in our city, businessmen involved, scholars and students as well as all the citizens of Lodz. Participation in the event is free, although registrationis necessary by the 20th November 2016.

Date: 28th November, 2016
Venue: Lodz Regional Development Agency, 34 Narutowicza St., 90-135 Lodz, Poland

  9:00  Registration of participants
10:00 Official opening of the conference: University of Lodz, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, Lodz City Hall, Ambassador of Japan to Poland, Lodz Regional Development Agency, Lodz Special Economic Zone

Morning session

10:30 Hyogo Prefecture in Japan – a video presentation of the region and its revitalization success – Masahiko Suruga, Honorary Consul of Poland in Kobe
10:45 Experience of Nishinomiya City reconstruction since 1995 Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake – a documentary film with the appearance of Mayor Takeshi Imamura
11:00 State-of-the art technologies within historical walls – Hiroshi Izumitani, Principal Architect, Executive Vice President, Kajima Poland
11:30 Revitalization of Lodz City – benefits, cost and prospects – Wojciech Rosicki, Vice-President of Lodz City
12:00 Revitalization of Lodz city center seen as employment increasing, diminishing of poverty and social exclusion – Hanna Gill-Piątek, Director of The Department of Social Affairs, Gorzów Wielkopolski City Hall
12:30 "Machizukuri" in Japan: a community - level planning approach in the field of urban revitalization – Lorayne Woodend, Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and Development Plans Officer, Kendal, Great Britain
13:00 Revitalization through the eyes of business in Lodz – Bożena Ziemniewicz, Vice-President of Lodz  Chamber of Industry and Trade, Club 500 Lodz
13:30 Lunch

Afternoon session

14:30 Lodz: history in favor of modernity– Prof. Marek Janiak, Chief Architect of Lodz
15:00 The dilemmas and challenges of the Community Revitalization Program Lodz 2020plus – Prof. Aleksandra Nowakowska, Ewa Boryczka, University of Lodz
15:30 Tomioka Silk Mill as an example of UNESCO World Industrial Herritage site – Prof. Rieko Yamaguchi, Josai University, Tokyo
16:00 The idea of “development within the city” – Bartosz Poniatowski, The Office of Architect, Lodz City Hall
16:30 Poland and Japan in Lodz – prospects of cooperation – Prof. Jolanta Młodawska-Bronowska, University of Lodz

The accompanying events

  • Presentation of producers from Japan: Takehiko Okazaki, Choya Umeshu
  • Ink painting „sumi-e” – Mariusz Gosławski, Japońskie inspiracje
  • Oil paintings on canvas – Ewa Fukuoka, The Yakumo-goto Club

18:00 Evening at the Biedermann Palace (by invitation)

  • Performance by champions from Lodz Academy of Traditional Karate
  • Japanese traditional music concert, Anna Krysztofiak, The Yakumo-goto Club, Lodz Philharmonic
  • Buffet Dinner

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