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The University of Lodz, primarly the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, takes part in many international endevours. One of the most interesting ones is the close cooperation with Chinese universities which educate students in the similar fields of study, as of now – Economics taught in English.

The faculty participates a programme called 2+2. Within that programme, the students of the partner university in China, study at their home university for the first 2 years completing the subjects of the 1st year programme of Economics at the University of Lodz, so they can later come to Poland and continue their studies for the next 2 years. If there are some subjects that are not credited by the Faculty, the student is required to complete the material.

This programme is possible due to the differece of required years of study in China and Poland. BA studies last 4 years in Chinawhereas in Poland – 3 years.

Every year, more and more students join the 2nd year of Economics at the Facuty of Economics and Sociology. They are very hard working students, who enjoy the studies and learning about Polish reality. Most of the students will receive 2 graduate diplomas, one from the University of Lodz and one from the Chinese university. It opens doors to future career!!!

If you are a student of:

  • Zhengzhou University ZZU – program approved by the Ministry of China!
  • Zhegzhou Aeronautical University ZZIA
  • CangZhou Vocational University
  • Henan University of Technology

Please ask your International Office for help to learn how you could join the programme:



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