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The MSc in Economics and International Business provides students with broad knowledge in economics and allows them to better understand the economic mechanisms operating in the international business environment. Students are equipped with appropriate quantitative and qualitative tools of analysis to solve decision-making, strategic and operational problems.
The modules of the programme allow students to gain practical knowledge and skills which will enable them to operate in the multicultural international environment. The programme helps to create desirable behaviours in international workplaces.
Diploma holders will have acquired the competences necessary to play active role in social and economic life in accordance with business ethics.

The assets of the programme

  • Economics and International Business offers unique courses inspired by and analysing  international trends in education.
  • Students obtain in-depth economic knowledge, with elements of international finance, management, international relations and European economic law.
  • Special emphasis is put on those skills which will enable students to operate in the international environment.
  • Graduates of the programme must demonstrate sufficient fluency in English to work in international companies and institutions.


International Economics, Economics of Innovations, Business letters and negotiations, History of economic thought, Corporate Governance, Microeconomics II, Macroeconomics II, Integrated Management Systems, Economics of European Integration II, Quantitative methods for sustainable development, FDI in host country economy / Enterpreneurship and own company, Comparative  Analysis of Labour Markets, Law in Economics, Statistics for Business, Globalization, Regionalization and Institutionalization in the World Economy, Business Etiquette, Cultural Aspects in International Business,

Complete study programme of master degree of Economics and International Busines


Our graduates:

  • have broad knowledge in economics, including extensive and broad knowledge of economic theory and other complementary disciplines;
  • know the way the world economy works;
  • have the ability to identify: (i) key determinants of economic and social processes and their regularities; (ii) relationships between economic agents, with special attention paid to the influence of international and institutional factors. 


Our graduates:

  • are able to analyze economic phenomena and model economic processes, including at the international and global level;
  • are able to make rational decisions about risk and uncertainty. They are capable of applying qualitative and quantitative methods, evaluating both the rational values of presented solutions and their efficacy. Moreover, they are able to present alternative solutions to decisions;
  • are able to: (i) form and define their own opinions on economic phenomena; (ii) account for economic phenomena by the use of appropriate theories; and (iii) identify causal relations in economic processes.  


Our graduates:

  • understand the need for personal development and life-long learning;
  • demonstrate creativity when it comes to finding optimal solutions;
  • exhibit honesty and reliability in conducting research and in their jobs;
  • are aware of the foundations of international economic life and able to predict multidirectional consequences of phenomena and processes taking place on international markets;
  • are able to manage teams and choose appropriate work methods for the efficient performance of professional tasks.

Completion of the Economics and International Business masters programme gives graduates excellent and varied prospects for future employment as:

  • managers at various levels in companies, banks, and financial and insurance institutions functioning on a global scale, and particularly in the European Union;
  • employees at various levels of administration, including European Union institutions and other international organizations;
  • specialists, managers, directors, economic analysts and experts in national and international institutions;
  • employees in companies and other international institutions, both in Poland and abroad.

Our graduates are also well prepared to start their own businesses.

  • the MSc programme is designed to be completed in two years (four semesters)
  • it is a full time studies programme
  • the studies take place at the 2nd level (master studies)
  • the maximum number of students accepted is 60
  • studies conclude with a masters exam; after passing this exam graduates receive a masters degree and are entitled to continue their education at the doctoral level and/or in post-graduate courses.


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