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There are two possibilities for getting a place for stay in Łódź.

First is to live at the dormitory. The University has 10 dormitories, which are situated in a campus area called Lumumbowo, that has easy connection with the Faculty. You just need catch the tram, 10 minutes and you are here. The University of Lodz offer double rooms, and accommodation cost will be 350zł (90 Euro) per person per month. You will be asked to pay a deposit of 700zł (in cash) per person, which will be paid back at the end of the Academic Year. So please make sure to have about 1000zł for the first month.
Each two adjacent double rooms are arranged into a suite, which feature a bathroom, and a cooking facility. There is Internet connection in every room, a large shared kitchen on every floor, and a shared laundry room in the building.

Most of the international students live in the dormitory number 14, called Babel Tower, with 708 places divided into double-rooms. It is a place one of a kind – 70% residents are foreigners, so it gives an opportunity to spend time in the company of intercultural. For two rooms is provided one kitchenette and one bathroom. Internet connection is in every room. What is more, it is possible to make calls free of charge from all of the rooms to other rooms, other dormitories and to the University. Babel Tower comes with one kitchen at every floor, rooms to study, gym, room to play table tennis, common-room, mosque, laundry and drying room. For small shopping and meal’s needs you have a buffet with Polish, Chinese and Arabic cuisine. If you are expecting guests, the dormitory has guest rooms, where they can stay.

If you would like to stay in the dormitory during studies, fill in the Accommodation request (eng) and send it by e-mail ( or by post:
Univeristy of Lodz
International Relations Office
21/23 Matejki Street
90-237 Lodz, Poland

Another possibility is to rent a flat privately, with polish or other international students. For help try to ask your Mentor (polish student that is helping you). The prices depends on the size of the flat. For one-room flat you have to pay around 1200zł. The cost of double-room flat is around 1400-1500zł. It is better to rent a bigger flat with more flatmates, cause more people at the flat equals lower every month costs.



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