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Here you will find information on: 

- registering your stay in Poland longer than 3 months (EU/EFTA counties and Switzerland)

- obtaing your student residence permit (non-EU/EFTA countries) if you choose not to apply for visa every year. 

Foreign students of full-time studies are not required to apply for a work permit if they wish to take up employment of studies as long as they have a valid visa or residence permit. More information.

Citizens of the European Union, Switzerland and countries belonging to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) may enter Poland without a visa and remain on the Polish territory without legalising their stay for three months. If a period of stay in Poland is longer than three months, the EU citizens are obliged to register their stay. In order to obtain the residence permit, documents have to be submitted by the student in person by the first day of the 4th month from their entering the Republic of Poland.

Here are the steps you need to undertake to register your stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland. 

1. Make an appointment

Before submitting your documentation required for registering your stay above 3 months, make an appointment on the Department of Civil Affairs and Foreigners` website.

2. Prepare documentation

On the day of your appointment submit the following documents: 

- an original filled in application form and a copy of filled in application form 
- a photocopy of your valid ID document
- a document entitling you to health insurance on the territory of the Republic of Poland
- a document proving sufficient financial means to stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland 
- a statement from the university confirming you are a student 

3. Submit the documents 

Deliver the documentation on the day of your appointment to Piotrkowska Street 103, room 11 or 12 (I floor). Rememeber to provide your current mailing address and phone numer so that the Department officers can contact you when your registration is ready. 

4. Pick up your registration. 

Citizens of non-EU/EFTA countries should obtain a visa from a Polish diplomatic post in their country before coming to Poland. If they wish to prolong their stay in the Republic of Poland, an application for a temporary residence permit should be submitted to a voivode competent for the place of the student`s planned stay no later than on the last day of legal stay in Poland.


I. Procedure

The procedure of obtaining your student permit might be time-consuming (2017 - at least five months for student residence card) but it is not very complicated, especially if you don`t wait till the last moment. First student residence permit is issued for 15 months, second till the end of your studies at a given level. 

Below you will find a list of steps you need to take. Depending on your individual situation, the procedure may take longer. 

1. Schedule an appointment at the Department for Civil Affairs and Foreigners. 

Book the appointment at the official website of the department to avoid queues. Schedule an appointment a lot in advance, 5-6 months before your visa expires, especially if you want to be mobile (go home for summer holiday or travel). If you don`t mind staying in Poland during the procedure, you may even apply on the last day of your visa validity, however, you have to also remember about booking the appointment.

2. Prepare your documentation well. 

If you submit all the necessary documentation on the day of your appointment, you may avoid unnecessary prolonging of the procedure. Every time the officers discover there is a missing document in your paperwork, they will send you a letter and prolong your procedure. Below you will find a list of necessary documents. 

3. Make sure to provide correct postal address and check your mailbox regularly.

If you don`t receive letters from the office and respond to them in time, you may have the procedure delayed or cancelled. Make sure the office has your current mailing address (home address in Lodz) and that you check it regularly. 

4.  Pick up your decision and get place of stay registration (zameldowanie).

Once you get a paper decision about being granted residence permit, it takes at least a month to get your residence card. To do this you need to deliver a document confirming your place of stay registration (zameldowanie). After you deliver the document, you may wait for a text message informing you about your residence card. 

5. Pick up your card

Your first student residence card will be valid for 15 months, the second till the end of your studies at a given level.

II. Documents

The list of necessary documents that you must present at the Łódź Vivodeship Office (Department for Civil Affairs and Foreigners):

  • two copies of legibly filled application form (one original one copy)
  • four passport photos (35 mm x 45 mm)
  • photocopy of your passport and all the stamped pages (visas etc) of the passport to present
  • a health care insurance for at least a year
  • a certificate from the Students Office confirming that you are a student of the University of Lodz
  • sufficient financial means to cover the costs of living in Poland (at least 543 PLN or equivalent in another currency for every month of your stay) and return trip to the country of origin or residence (200 PLN I you are from country neighboring Poland or 2500 PLN if you are from a country not being a member of European Union)
  • the proof of payment for issuing the permit (340 PLN fee) and for the card (25 PLN)

III. Payments

Payment for the procedure

Transfer title: Opłata skarbowa 340 zł
Beneficiary: Urząd Miasta Łodzi
Bank: Getin Noble Bank S.A. w Katowicach, II Oddział Łódź
Bank account: 08 1560 0013 2025 0305 5133 0016

Payment for the card

Transfer title: Opłata za wydanie karty pobytu 25 zł
Beneficiary: Łódzki Urząd Wojewódzki w Łodzi
Bank account: 88 1010 1371 0097 0022 3100 0000


IV. Address of the Department of Civil Affairs and Foreigners

103 Piotrkowska Street, 90-425 Łódź


V. More information 

Detailed information about coming to the Republic of Poland

The list of Polish Diplomatic Missions Abroad

The Lodz Voivodship Citizen’s and Foreign Affairs Department - Polish website

Instructions of applying for residence permit



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