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All students of the University of Lodz are obliged to be insured, either in the National Health Fund (NFZ) after coming to Poland or by any other private provider who will insure a student for his/her period of stay in Poland.

A student MUST have a valid health insurance at all times. A copy of the insurance must be delivered to the ISO as well as the Students` Office each year. The Univesity of Lodz is not responsible for any medical payments.

Source: ISO`s website

More information about health insurance and medical care in Poland. 

If you choose to use NFZ, this is what you need to do:  fill in the appropriate application form to conclude an agreement for a voluntary health insurance (a sample completed application form is on the information board at the Lodz regional branch of the National Health Fund, address below).

  1. To the application you should add:
  • a xerox copy of your temporary residence permit (Karta Pobytu) or the passport with your current visa,
  • a certificate from the university that confirms the student’s status,
  • a filled in ZZA form  (the pink document) – a sample completed form is on the information board.
  1. The student submits the complete set of documents  to the Lodz regional branch office of the National Health Fund (Łódź,ul. Kopcińskiego 56).
  2. The contract is valid as long as the student pays collections (fees) for the health insurance.
  3. After receiving the contract of the voluntary health insurance student is obliged to regular, monthly payment of collections (fees) in the amount of 46,80 PLN to the ZUSaccount number:
    78 1010 1023 0000 2613 9520 0000
  4. When the student goes for holidays / vacation, or from some other reason wants to refrain from paying collections (fees), then he / she should fill in the application for termination of a contract in the Patients’ Affairs Office (room no. 111) of the National Health Fund’s Lodz regional branch.
    For more information please visit:

Source: ISO`s website

If you do not want to be insured with Polish National Health Fund (NFZ), you can buy insurance in one of many private insurance companies operating in Poland (Polish or International). As a university we cannot indorse any particular companies. 

Having a private insurance means that you will usually have to first cover the cost of your medical treatment and than ask the company for reimbursment. Always carry a copy or a number of your insurance with you in case of an emergency. 

Remember to read the conditions of your insurance policy as you may be surprised that it often does include everything. Insurance policies often exclude treatments below certain amount of money, treatment of injuries occurring as results of doing sports etc. 



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