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Clearance slip [Polish karta obiegowa] - since academic year 2017/2018 it`s an electronic checklist you need to fulfil (done online on USOSweb - by the student and several UL employees) in order to be able to take final diploma exam.

Conditional semester credit [Polish warunkowe zaliczenie semestru, colloq. "warunek"] – is a situation when a student has failed one or two subjects in a year/semester and they have successfully applied for having the semester credited even though they have not fulfilled all the requirements. The student is obliged to retake the failed courses in the following semesters. The conditional semester credit can only be given for two courses in a year. The student is charged 500 zl for each retaken course, paid in the semester he/she will be retaking the course. In case a student failed more than two courses, they are obliged to apply for a repetition of a semester/year.

Course [Polish przedmiot] – is a set of classes carried out by one or two lecturers during one semester on a given topic.

Course coordinator [Polish koordynator przedmiotu] – is a lecturer who administers and records final course grades given based on course components.

Course credit [Polish zaliczenie przedmiotu]– is a grade and a number of ECTS points a student gets when fulfilling course requirements.


Dean [Polish Dziekan] – is the head of a faculty - usually Vice Deans will also be called `Deans`. See who the Dean of our Faculty is.

Diploma exam, defense (of the Thesis) [Polish egzamin dyplomowy, obrona pracy] – is an exam finishing your studies you take after you submit your BA/MA thesis.
In short:
you attend your BA/MA seminars
you keep working on your Thesis
together with your Supervisor you decide on the title and the deadline to finish it
when your Thesis is finished you upload it to APD system
system checks it for possible plagiarism
if there are no problems the system will inform you
then you print your Thesis from the APD system and add two appendices
you frame it in soft-covers and bound it (Copy Room at our Faculty will do it for you)
you put a CD (containing Thesis in PDF) inside your printed Thesis and sign it with a marker
get supervisor signatures
submit complete Thesis to the Student Service Centre asap
good luck!

Diploma seminar [Polish seminarium dyplomowe] – is a course you take to prepare your BA/MA thesis.

Diploma supplement [Polish suplement do dyplomu] – is a document you get along with you BA/MA diploma, it lists all the courses, grades and ECTS points you have obtained during your studies.

Diploma thesis [Polish praca dyplomowa] is a dissertation you need to complete - to take diploma exam - to obtain your BA/MA degree.


Examination  session  [Polish sesja egzaminacyjna] – is a time at the end of every semester when exams are held, it is divided into general examination session (usually two weeks) and make-up examination session (usually one week).

Extension of the deadline for submitting the diploma thesis [Polish przedłużenie terminu złozenia pracy dyplomowej] – is an extra time a student can get after their final semester to complete their BA/MA thesis. The time cannot be longer than 3 months - but ONLY in exceptional and well-documented cases (ie. long-term illness or child-birth).


First–cycle studies, also called Bachelor`s studies [Polish studia pierwszego stopnia, licencjackie] – first degree, three year studies.


Grade [Polish ocena] – is a mark you are awarded by a lecturer or examiner for your course performance or exam, the following grades are used in the Polish academic system:

                5 - very good

                4,5 (4+) – more than good

                4 – good

                3,5 (3+) – more than satisfactory

                3 – satisfactory

                2 – unsatisfactory (fail)


International Students Office (ISO), [Polish Biuro Współpracy z Zagranicą, BWZ] - it is an office (on Matejki 21/23, inside the dorm) that you first meet during your admission, it also takes care of Mobility and Erasmus+ incoming students, as well as with issues of students of our Faculty who want to participate in the exchanges.


Make-up examination session [Polish sesja poprawkowa] – is a period after the general examinations session when students who failed their exams in the first attempt can get a second chance to pass them. It takes place after the general examination session at the end of winter semester and in September after the end of summer semester.


Rector [Polish Rektor] – is the head of the University. See who the Rector of the University of Lodz is.

Rules of study [Polish Regulamin studiów] – is a set of rules that all the students have to follow


Second-cycle studies, also called Master`s Studies [Polish studia drugiego stopnia, magisterskie] – second degree, two year studies.

Student Service Centre, also called (incorrectly) a Dean’s Office, [Polish Centrum Obsługi Studenta, old Dziekanat] – is a link between the authorities of the Faculty and the students, you deal with all your administrative student’s issues there. If you aren`t sure about something, ask your questions there.

Student card, also called Student ID card [Polish legitymacja studencka] – is your student identification card, you need to show up at the Students’ office after completing every semester to get an extension and a new hologram.

Student number, also called student card number, register number, [Polish number albumu] – is a 6-digit number of your Student card, you will be asked to state this number every time when dealing with administrative issues or submitting an application.

Supplement/diploma supplement [Polish suplement dyplomu] – is a document you get along with your BA/MA diploma, it lists all the courses, grades and ECTS points you have obtained during your studies.


Thesis supervisor [Polish promotor pracy] – is an academic teacher carrying out your diploma seminar and supervising your BA/MA thesis, this person will also be present at your diploma exam.



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