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The Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz



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First steps at the University of Lodz and at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology

To find the buildings of our campus easier, download our application SmartUni

First steps: 

  1. When you come to Łódź, first you need to go to the International Office of the University of Lodz (Matejki Street 21/23, ground floor, room 12A) to submit your documentation.
  2. When your documentation gets to our Faculty, you can come to the Students` Office (ground floor, D5) to sign the agreement, the student oath, get your student card and USOS details.
  3. Check the division of the academic year to make sure you know about all the breaks, holidays, days off as well as about exam periods.
  4. Classes start around 1st of October, check your schedule on our website. If you have any questions, come to Students` Office (D5).
  5. Language declaration – during the first month at the Faculty, you should fill in the language declaration (if you are a second year, transfer student, you should do it immediately after the beginning of the academic year).
  6. During the first months of the first semester at the University of Lodz all the students are obliged to do Occupational Safety and Health training as well as Library Training. Do not miss the deadlines!
  7. Follow our Faculty’s website and UL International Students Office facebook page to find out about events, conferences and contests.
  8. Study hard and remember not to miss the exam period!

Good luck!



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