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Apprenticeship / work placement

Student apprenticeship for students of Economics in English

The aim of doing student apprenticeship is gaining new knowledge, experience and social skills as well as putting the knowledge acquired during the time of Bachelor studies into practice.

  1. The programme of student apprenticeship for students of Economics (download)

Students of I cycle of Economics in English are obliged to do their work placement after the 4th semester of their studies at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology (during their summer holiday).

Work placement should last 4 weeks.


What to do to begin student apprenticeship?

  1. Read all the information concerning student apprenticeship available on the Faculty’s website.
  2. Find out more about the possible paths to do your apprenticeship (a step-by-step instruction) - possible paths
  3. Read the Regulations of student apprenticeship and internships at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology.
  4. Find a company or institution that will receive you for your student apprenticeship.
  5. Ask your supervisor if you have any doubts to make sure you do your apprenticeship in accordance to the programme for your major.
  6. Complete the apprenticeship schedule (download) and submit it in Room D1 to Ms Sylwia Bachorska.
  7. Pick up your agreement, apprenticeship booklet and effects of teaching verification form from Room D1. (download verification form)
  8. Do your apprenticeship.

Faculty of Economics and Sociology helps students find apprenticeship opportunities, please contact your Faculty Apprenticeship Manager.


After you do the apprenticeship

  1. Prepare the documentation and meet with the apprecticeship manager.

The apprenticeship manager for Economics in English is Mr Tomasz Dorożyński, PhD. The manager will carry the verification process of the effects of teaching and when assessed positively, award grades in USOS system to students who have done their apprenticeship.

You can have the internship or work done aboard credited as your apprenticeship. To do that you need to provide the Faculty Student apprenticeship manager with complete documentation previous work or internship:

- Confirmation with the name of the company, your name, description of the work, time and hours of your work or a contract signed with the company,  translated to Polish (or if agreed by Student apprenticeship manager, to English).

- Verification form filled in, signed and stamped by the employer.

These two documents along with the application form (download application form) should be presented to the Faculty Apprenticeship Manager.

      2. Submit your documentation to the Student Service Centre.

A student who has completed their apprenticeship period should submit the apprenticeship documentation to their Student Service Centre (Room D1)


Apprenticeship manager for Economics in English

Tomasz Dorożyński, PhD
Room A405

Student Apprenticeship officer in Students’ Office

Sylwia Bachorska, MA
Room D1
Mon., Tue., Thu. 8:00 - 13:00
Wed., Fri. closed

The Head of Centre of Training and Apprenticeships

dr Zbigniew Przygodzki. PhD
Room T408




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