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When dealing with student issues at the University of Lodz students use different kinds of applications forms to communicate with the Faculty. Here are some forms you can use when managing your own student affairs. You have to remember about deadlines.

If you have any other requests to the Dean, you can use this application form to submit them.

Download the application.

According to Polish law (Data Protection Act, 29.08.1997 w/ amdts) we cannot provide any of your personal data (including course and outcomes of study) outside our University.

If some third party (e.g. a private company, Ministry of your country, other University etc.) requires some information about you, we need to have your permission to provide it. You may give us authorization filling the form below:

Download the form.

You can apply for conditional semester credit if failed one or two courses in a given academic year (no more than two per year). You will retake these subjects in the following academic year. The application has to be handed in by 25th of February (after winter semester) and by 30 of September (after summer semester.)

You will have to pay 500 zł per each course that you will retake in the following academic year (winter semester courses in the following winter semester and summer semester courses in the following summer semester).  

Download the application.

If you failed more than two courses and if you are not the first year student, you may apply for a repetition of a semester or a year. The application has to be handed in by 25th  of February (after winter semester) and by 30th  of September (after summer semester).

You will have to pay 500 zł per each course. You should pay by 15th of October in the winter semester and by 25th of February in the summer semester.

Download the application.

If you, for important reasons missed a deadline during examination session, use this application to ask the Dean to have some more time to obtain your credit.

Download the application.

If you are a final year student and you have passed all the exams but you need a little bit more time to work on your Bachelor or Master thesis, you can apply for it using this application. You need to hand it in by the end of the re-take exam session of your last semester. Before you hand in the application in the Students’ Office, you need to get your thesis supervisor’s approval.

You can get no more than three months of extension.

Download the application.

If you want to do some courses from the subsequent years during your current year of study, you have to fill in this form and submit it in the Students’ Office within the first two weeks of the winter semester.

Download the application.

A student can apply for a study leave because of an illness, some unfortunate circumstances, child birth,  a need to attend care of a child or other justified reasons. You need to attach related documents or certificates to your application. You need to hand in the application right after the situation occurs.

Download the application.

If for some reasons you cannot hand in or pick up some of your documents from the Students’ Office you have to make sure that your relative or friend has an authorization to do it for you.

Download the application.

You may apply for an exam in front of the board (when you have failed the exam twice) if there were any circumstances that might point to improper administration of the exam. The application form has to be submitted not later than 7 days of the announcement of exam scores. The exam has to take place not later than within 10 days of the Dean’s decision.

Download the application.

If you wish to hand in any other request at the Students`Office, please do it using this form.

Download the application

If you want to receive your diploma in English, you need to fill in this application and make the appropriate payment.

Download the application.

Use this form to apply for Individual Arrangement of Studies (Polish Indywidualna Organizacja Studiów).

Please attach documents confirming the reasoning (Erasmus acceptance letter, other)

Download the application.


If you applied for IOS for reasons other than going to Erasmus - once you receive permission for IOS, please download this form, discuss with the teachers about the method of obtaining credits, get their signatures and bring it completed to Students` Office.

Download the form (IOS card).

Individually arranged study schedule and programme (IPS) enables outstanding students to enrich their knowledge within the studied programme or similar programmes. It may also enable the student to change chosen courses or shorten the study period.

IPS is available for students of:

  • second year students of I cycle studies
  • second semester of II cycle studies

who achieved a grade average not lower than 4.0 during the realised course of studies.

The decision on granting IPS to a student is made by the Vice-dean following student’s application. A student wishing to apply for IPS should submit an application form along with the IPS schedule approved by IPS tutor appointed by the Dean.

A student who fails to fulfil IPS requirements might be asked to continue their studies according to the regular schedule.  The student may also resign from continuing IPS on their request. The Vice-dean specifies the deadlines for fulfilling the missing requirements of the regular schedule.

A student of the University of Lodz going on an Erasmus+ study stay in a different university can apply for a 50% reduction in the tuition fee. The application should be submitted in the Students` Office of the students` major.
Download the application.

Students in diffucult financial situation might apply for a reduction in the tuition fee. A student needs to provide documents to prove the situation.

Download the application (for foreign students, the last page is unnecessary).

Download the declaration (adequate documents must be attached to it)

If you happen to lose, have your Student Card stolen, or simply some of your most important personal data change (e.g. your surname) - use this application to apply for a new one.

Download the application.

If you wish to exchange ECTS points obtained during Summer School to cover an elective course (so you don`t attend it), please fill this Declaration and bring it to the room C14.

Download the declaration.



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