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The list of scientific papers and magazines edited  by the Faculty of Economics and Sociology.

Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Oeconomica
Editor-in-Chief: Professor Mariusz Plich, University of Lodz

Contact: folia@uni.lodz.pl

Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Sociologica
Editor-in-Chef: Professor Ewa Malinowska, University of Lodz
Contact: foliasociologica@gmail.com

Comparative Economic Research. Central and Eastern Europe
Editor-in-Chef: Professor Zofia Wysokińska, Univeristy of Lodz
Contact: comparative@uni.lodz.pl

European Studies on Inequalities and Social Cohesion
Editor-in-Chef: Professor Wielisława Warzywoda-Kruszyńska, University of Lodz
Contact: european@uni.lodz.pl

Sociological Review
Editor-in-Chef: Professor Marek Czyżewski, Univeristy of Lodz
Contact: inssoc@uni.lodz.pl

Qualitative Sociology Review
Editor-in-Chef: Professor Krzysztof Konecki, University of Lodz
Contact: office@qualitativesociologyreview.org

Legal-Economical Studies
Editor-in-Chef: Professor Anna Pikulska-Radomska, University of Lodz
Contact: biuro@ltn.lodz.pl

Editor-in-Chef: Professor Aleksander Welfe, University of Lodz

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