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General information

In order to foster international cooperation in research and teaching as well as to raise the academic profile of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the University of Lodz, each year it selects a number of distinguished academics who wish to spend a minimum of three months at the Faculty and engage in scholarly work. The idea underlying the EkSoc Visiting Fellowship Programme is to build on strategic areas within the Faculty, i.e. enhancing its educational offer, strengthening academic networks, and achieving excellence in research.

The EkSoc Fellowship Programme supports the research and teaching of visiting fellows at the Faculty. Visiting fellows are those who visit the Faculty for a period of a minimum of three months. They are considered guests of the Faculty. During these months visiting fellows are expected to conduct 60 hours of teaching relating to their research interests and launch research activities in collaboration with scholars and PhD students of the Faculty.

Fall term appointments run from the 1st of October to the end of January. Spring appointments begin in mid-February and end in mid-June. Visiting fellows are expected to be in residence for a minimum of three months during the chosen term.. The visiting fellow should choose to visit the Faculty in one of the two terms following the application. Visiting fellows are invited to plan their stays during the regular academic year yet accordingly to their time preference.

Eligibility conditions

The EkSoc Fellowship Programme is mainly addressed to postdoctoral scholars and professors with a wide range of research interests in social science, especially in: economics, spatial economics, econometrics, statistics, demographics, business studies, finance, and sociology. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a strong publication record, including JCR papers.

To participate in the EkSoc Fellowship Programme, the applicant must have:

  • a doctoral degree at the time of application (and preferably previous working experience as a professor),
  • sufficient proficiency in the English language to carry out the research and teaching activities.

Applicants cannot hold Polish citizenship or have permanent residency in Poland.


Remuneration and benefits

  • a monthly salary of 2000 euro (if the fellowship lasts 3 months) or a fixed allowance of 7500 euro (in the event of longer stays)
  • an office or workspace
  • allowance towards accommodation costs
  • free use of the facilities and resources of the Faculty
  • computer and Internet access
  • the opportunity to audit courses and seminars run at the Faculty 

Recruitment process

The application process takes place on-line. Candidates are asked to complete the APPLICATION FORM. Together with the completed application form, the following documents (in .pdf format) are to be sent by an applicant:

  • Research Curriculum Vitae, including a list of publications
  • Three best publications
  • Copy of the highest qualification (diploma)

It is recommended that candidates applying for the Programme indicate the name of a sponsor who is an academic working at the EkSoc Faculty. The sponsor will be responsible for the visiting fellow during their stay at the Faculty and will be involved in potential co-research. Scholars who wish to obtain more information or have additional questions, or who wish to express a general interest in the EkSoc Fellowship Programme are asked to contact the Secretary of the EkSoc Fellowship Programme, dr Paweł Gajewski, at:

All documents should be sent to the Secretary of the EkSoc Fellowship Programme to the above address.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year with the results announced after 1st of May and 1st of November each year. Deadlines to submit applications are the 1st of May and 1st of November. All candidates will be informed about the results by email within four weeks of the closing dates. Applications are reviewed and considered by the Visiting Fellowship Programme Committee, which consists of representatives of the Faculty`s authorities and selected top researchers representing different research areas.

Visiting fellows are selected competitively on the basis of the applicants’ qualifications, research experience, the quality of the submitted research plan as well as its relevance to the Faculty`s profile.

All scholars with a strong research output and rich teaching experience are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to come to the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz and engage in educational and scholarly work.




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