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Bachelor in Economics is an undergraduate program taught fully in English at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the University of Lodz. The program gives students thorough knowledge of economics, allowing them to understand the mechanisms behind contemporary economies and to gain skills necessary to solve problems that can be encountered in everyday business practice.

Knowledge and skills gained by students draw on scholarship from a broad range of social sciences: economics - which constitutes the core of the program - and several related disciplines, such as finance, management, law, sociology.


  • completion of the program gives broad knowledge in the field of economics, it helps to understand the mechanisms behind contemporary economies, and makes it possible to develop knowledge and skills with regards to quantitative tools and methods used in economic research or employed to solve practical business problems,
  • the program helps students to build adequate attitudes and social competences, allowing them to play active roles in development of their societies, with particular emphasis on the economic well-being,
  • the courses and specialties taken by students give them chance to gain practical skills, which are further developed during internships and voluntary services,
  • the program is directed at those who are oriented towards benefiting from the possibilities created by the European integration and development of global economy. After completion of the program students are well prepared to work in companies, organizations and institutions both on local and global markets,
  • graduates are prepared to continue their education at Master level. According to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages their English proficiency is B2.



  • Ecobusiness
  • International business
  • Quantitative methods in business and economics    

The core curriculum includes courses such as:
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics, Descriptive Statistics, Econometrics, Accounting, European Integration Economics, International Economic Relations, Labor Market Economics, Controlling, Establishing and Running a Small Firm.

The study plan


  • have knowledge allowing them to conduct independent economic analyses,
  • understand economic mechanisms taking place in contemporary economies,
  • know quantitative methods employed in economic research,
  • can interpret economic, social and financial phenomena and are able to indicate reasons and consequences of economic decisions,
  • are able to use economic data and are prepared to predict economic processes and phenomena using standard methods and tools,
  • are able to prepare reports and analyses aimed at facilitating decision making and can verify correctness of results and interpret them,
  • are able to form practical conclusions that may be useful for decision makers, 
  • demonstrate independence and responsibility with respect to their duties and are able to investigate creative and optimal solutions,
  • gain ability to critically asses their own knowledge and skills,
  • are well prepared to participate actively in groups that pursue specific socio-economic goals,
  • show willingness to actively improve their skills, openness to the world and other people.

The graduates of Bachelor in Economics can work in companies representing a wide range of industries, as well as in banks, financial institutions, central administration, self-government, non-profit organizations, both in their home countries and abroad. They are also well prepared for starting their own businesses.

The graduates of Bachelor in Economics can continue their education at Master level in a wide range of institutions in countries that have implemented the Bologna Process. They can also benefit from choosing from a great selection of post-graduate courses offered by the University of Lodz, for example Master in Economics  and International Business taught in English at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology.

  • Standard full-time completion of the program is 3 years (6 semesters),
  • No more than 35 students can be accepted,
  • Tuition fee - 2500 PLN,
  • The program ends with a bachelor exam and the graduate gets a Bachelor degree which is legal prerequisite for continuing studies at a Master level.


Małgorzata Śliwińska, M.Sc.
phone.: (48) 42 6355132
Rewolucji 1905 r. Street nr 41, 90-214 Łódź
room: A-22

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Wydział Ekonomiczno-Socjologiczny jest największym, spośród dwunastu wydziałów Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego. Pracuje tutaj ponad 500 pracowników, z których 400 to nauczyciele akademiccy. Prawie co czwarty pracownik nauki posiada stopień naukowy doktora habilitowanego lub tytuł profesora. Działalność naukowa i dydaktyczna realizowana jest w ramach 8 instytutów. Wielu naszych absolwentów i nauczycieli akademickich pełniło lub wciąż pełni zaszczytne funkcje w życiu publicznym Polski i instytucjach Unii Europejskiej.

90-255 Łódź, ul. POW 3/5, tel.: 42 635 5356


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