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General information about application process for Erasmus exchange stays in academic year 2018/2019

Application stages

Stage I

The application process for Erasmus+ exchange stays is done through USOSweb and by completing the electronic form.

The enrolment starts on the 11th of December 2017 (noon) and ends on the 10th of January 2018 (noon).

It is obligatory to provide a written statement to Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator along with completing the online application process. The online application form must be copied and printed so that it is next added to the application documents set.

The deadline for fulfilling both requirements is 10th of January 2018 (noon).

If a student fails to fulfil any of the above requirements, the student will not be able to proceed to Stage 2.

Students are asked to complete their application well before the deadline, the overload caused by many students trying to apply on the last day may result in failure to apply.

The offer of Universities is available in USOSweb.

While choosing a university, a student should:

-          choose a university that offers classes in their major;

-          choose a university that offers the student’s cycle of studies (Bachelor/Master);

-          go on the given university`s website (provided in USOSweb) and check whether the classes offered for Erasmus+ students are compatible with the student’s UL programme.

One student can submit one application.

One student can submit two application if they can prove they are interested in Gender Studies. The second application must be filled for the offers connected to Gender Studies.


Stage II


After completing the enrollment procedure in the usosweb system, please remember that it is necessary to deliver printed set of documents made of:

1) application form

2) copy of language skills certificate

3) the statement of international student mobility

The complete application set must be delivered to the room C-14 (aka exchange students office) until the very last day:

10th of January 2018.



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