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Post-Erasmus Evaluation Survey for Students

All exchange students (Erasmus Plus, Mobility Direct, Erasmus Mundus, etc) are obliged to fill in a short questionnaire to help us improve our operations and the quality of services during their Erasmus experience at our Faculty. The responses are greatly appreciated.

The survey is ANONYMOUS and all responses are secure - in order to access the survey, it is necessary to provide an individual code sent each semester to all students by Faculty Erasmus Plus Coordinator.

It is crucial to write down the code and provide it later to Erasmus Officer in the room C-14 as a proof of completing the survey - it is MANDATORY and will be validated by the Erasmus Officer.

Final documents

The final documents issued at the Faculty towards each semester are Evaluation sheet and a Routing slip.

They are issued in the last months of both semesters, in February and June, respectively. Students can receive the documents from Erasmus Officers at the Faculty Erasmus Office. However, it is impossible to receive any of the documents without having completed the survey mentioned above.

Evaluation sheet and a Routing slip must be returned to the Erasmus Office before the end of students mobility. The mobility is compteted with a final document including the grades- Transcript of Records.

Transcripts are sent to students home universities within three months from the end of each semester according to the agreements between sending and receiving universities. They are NOT handed to students.



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