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Lubie Krakow, lubie Gdansk – kocham Lodz!

Doing Erasmus was one of the best decisions i made. And to choose Poland and Lodz another one. Lodz the unknown pearl offers you a lot of hidden sights and plenty of authenticity. You just have to be open and curious. I study urban sociology so for me here it’s the perfect place to learn in daily life.
It is such a nice possibility to enrich your experiences in every way. I try wonderful local and international food and some of my favorite recipes are in my suitcase already. 
The most significant impression are the people. They create your memory and make your time to that what it is. Doesn’t matter where they are from. I would like to share the story of my arrival in Lodz with you: I arrived by nighttrain in Kutno without speaking a word polish. I had no idea how to get to Lodz so I asked a guy at the railway station and he helped me to find the correct train. Then he left. After 5 minutes he returned and offered me a lift because he was going to lodz anyway. What a warm welcome! On the way we talked a lot and I found out that he also did Erasmus. Beside the parties, which are great by the way, Erasmus can give you so much and it will last for lifetime.

Hello, my name is Ece. I came to Poland with Erasmus Training Programme to do practise which is related with my field. Actually this is my second time to coming University of Lodz. I came to this university with Erasmus Exchange Programme during my 3rd year at Sakarya University bachelor’s degree ın Sociology. And I want to explain why did I choose  to go to Poland again. One of the important reasons, I spent my Erasmus time in here which are the most amazing moments in my life. I also saw which have Europe’s the best educational system. And then I looked up website the University of Lodz and found erasmus officer ‘s adress. After I applied this university who is care about the whole international programmes. Now, I am working two wonderful Polish women who names are Dorota Borkowska and Katarzyna Cierniewska Grudzien at Erasmus Student Office in Economy and Sociology Faculty. When I decided to go abroad with training programme they took care of everything and they are all very open minded about Turkish Culture, helpful, friendly all the time. Above all, if you have the opportunity to go on Erasmus, don’t think twice and choose University of Lodz.



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