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Rawa Mazowiecka Castle

It was the most impressive stronghold in this part of the country. Nowadays from the originals there are only tiny pieces left with very high tower and sections of solid circuit of brickwork, with reconstructed stroke foundations. What is interesting, brick wall has guardian porch made of wood.

Łęczyca Royal Castle

It belongs to the city castles group. In the past stronghold of the castle was closing fortification of the city, now is adjacent to municipal market.  Almost all of the castle’ buildings was made from red brick. Nowadays it is a place of the annual International Knights Tournament. One of the exhibitions - unique on a national scale - is devoted to the devil due to the castle legend linked to the devil Boruta.

Uniejów Castle

It is unique for its history- it was inhabited and used. It has a high circular tower – not defensive, but in a donjon type, with four towers on the sides and residential wings. During the past ages components of the defense were destroyed, but still it is possible to see three lines of fortifications.

Kuyavian Episcopal Palace in Wolbórz

One of the finest aristocratic residences of the late Baroque in Poland. This palace complex consists of:  the palace, two outbuildings, utility rooms, guard-house, parade courtyard and chateau park. Nowadays it is abode of Technical School of Horse Breeding.

Rogów Arboretum

Created in a way of woodland park with huge collection of plants from all of the world, e.g.: North America, Southern Europe, far East. A large piece of beautiful nature for every enthusiast at every season:  azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias, hydrangeas, in autumn colorful maple trees, beeches, birches and much more. In the rock garden rock plants are collected and in ponds there are collections of water lilies. This is only a tiny piece of arboretum’ contents.

Bison Breeding Centre - Smardzewice

One of two places in Poland, where it is possible to see bisons in their natural environment. The center can be proud of 20 animals on the space of around 72 acres. It would be difficult to see them at such an extensive area, so there is an observation deck created with several bisons to make it possible. For those who like walking, riding a bike or carriage rides, there is 2,7 kilometers of nature path for enjoying a beautiful surroundings.

Łódź Hills Landscape Park

It is made up of three nature reserves and covers around 137.67 square kilometers of space. Perfect places for peaceful walks, biking, running or even horse riding. It is a place with large variety of landscapes: you can find there forests, agricultural land, open waters, surface streams and rivers.

Sulejowski Reservoir

Artificial, but impressive reservoir with a 58 kilometers coastline. It was created for energy and retention needs, but also used for fish farming, protection and flood prevention. What is more, it is a good possibility for practicing water sports such as sailing, canoeing and windsurfing in the area without sea, big lakes or rivers.

Piotrkoff Art Festival

International alternative music festiwal with interesting representatives from different countries. Good occasion to listen to a huge variety of genres, e.g.: jazz, rock, shoegaze, psychedelic, folk, electronic. Everything for free.

Uniejów therm-pool complex

Huge complex of swimming pools and thermal health resorts. You can find there indoor and outdoor swimming pools and the spa. All of them supplied with therapeutic thermal brine, what allows using the complex even during bad weather conditions. The total area of the water in all of the zones is around 1,500 m2.



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