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Łódź is the third largest city of Poland according to the number of population (around 725 055).
It is located in the centre of the country.


Archcathedral Basilica of Stanislaw Kostka (265 Piotrkowska Street)
The biggest religious building in the city with the belfry tower for 100 meters high, in the Gothic Revival style. As an elevation yellow brick clinker was used, what is rather unusual, but very distinctive and makes a huge building a bit lighter. The interior is relevant - it holds a number of valuable works of religious art from the beginning of the century.

Tadeusz Kościuszko Monument
Located in the central point of the city – The Freedom Squere. One of the most emblematic symbols of Łódź


Reicher Synagogue (28 Rewolucji 1905 r. Street)
It is one of the two synagogues in Łódź, but the only one from the pre-war period. Building made from bricks with a prayer hall that form a main part of it. This area is suurended by three galleries for women with wooden balustrade supported by ornamental pillars,  to which lead a separate entrances.


Synagogue (18 Pomorska Street)
Other of two Synagogues in Łódź, which is located at the first floor of the seat of the Jewish Community in Łódź. Formed by three rooms: main prayer hall, women`s gallery, separated from the main room by curtained window and little room as a vestibule. The most visited synagogue in the city, with every day Masses, also at the Sabbaths and holidays.


Jewish Łódź Cemetery (40 Bracka Street)
Cemetery with a history longer than century. It is estimated than at the space of almost 40 hectares, around 160 thousand people with merits for Łódź development is buried. Their tombs most often are artworks of stone and smithart. Here are also buried the victims of one of the most tragic events in human history - the Holocaust.


White Factory (282 Piotrkowska Street)
The complex of the Classicist buildings, one of the oldest monuments of industrial architecture in Poland. In the past first, located in Łódź, spinning machine and a weaving mill. Nowadays it is a Central Museum of Textiles.

Evangelical - Lutheran Church of St. Matthew (283 Piotrkowska Street)
Main temple of Łódź Lutherans. The dominant element of the Church is a tower, high for about 80 meters. Inside you can find furnishings from the origins, including marble altar and stained glass windows. Because of the excelent acustic, in addition to use for parishioners, it is also a place of many concerts.


Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky (53 Kilińskiego Street)
Orthodox Cathedral is one of the oldest and one of the most beautiful temples of Orthodox believers. Domes and interior details highlight the Byzantine Revival character of the building. Abundant interior contains impressive iconostasis, old icons and metal processional flags.


The Old Cemetery (39/43 Ogrodowa Street)
Created  when Łódź was already a city of several religions, so it is divided into a proper sections: Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. Great manufactures, scientists, artists, national heroes, priests are buried here in the impressive tombs with beautiful sculptures and ornaments.


Small city in the city with all of the facilities: shops, pubs, restaurants, cafes, cinema, bowling, museums, laser games, casino and much more.

`CENTRAL PARK` in Galeria Łódzka shopping center

Summertime attraction, created to look like a New York City and its districts. And what you can find there to enjoy your time? All of kinds of things: life music, sport activities, movies` projections, clubbing, art activities, fashion.


Nowadays, complex called OFF Piotrkowska at 138/140 Piotrkowska Street is very popular. Place with pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, galleries, artist`s studios and more - you have a large range of choice and lots of possibilities there.


In Łódź is very popular to go to pubs and listen to the life music, mainly rock and its varieties. Lizard King, one of the best known places, offers you a concert several time during a week. If you like to taste beer, Piwoteka is for you with dozens of names from all over the world. Don’t forget to visit the most iconic place of the city – Łódź Kaliska, with even better known toilet with Venetian window. For those, who are a cluubing type: Czekolada, Kokoo, Loża, Bedroom or Pomarańcza.

Łódź is a place where a lot is happening. You will never get bored! Here is always something to do, something interesting. Just have a look at the list of some international festivals and you will understand.

The best known are:

Fashion Week Poland





Different fields, at different times of the year. And that is not all!


Most of galleries and museums are located in the city center and have English websites: Art Museum MS Lodz and Art Museum MS2 Lodz, Galeria FF (Photography), Lodz Comics Center, Metropolitan Gallery, Wschodnia Gallery, Atlas Sztuki Gallery, Central Museum of Textiles (with open-air museum of town’s life), Museum of the City of Lodz, the Film Museum.


Theatre plays are performed by talented actors and you have to pay for a ticket from 20 to 80 PLN. The most famous in Łódź is the Grand Theatre (with the big fountain in front of), the New Theatre, and the Stefan Jaracz Theatre.

In Łódź you never get bored with art!


Sometimes called a Polish Louvre. Eclectic palace that is the largest housing of the factory owner, surrounded by the buildings of the old factory and houses for workers (today`s Manufaktura). Nowadays it is a Museum of the City of Łódź.


Museum with 200 years old Church made of larch wood, summer villa and five, almost 100 years old houses of craftsmen. It is an opportunity to have look at the conditions in which workers working in the textile industry lived. Also inside the houses there are rooms arranged into craft workshops, for: weaving, Glass melting and for tanners.


Complex of textile factories (mainly cotton mill) with associated facilities, including houses for workes, almost entire made from red brick. It was the second well-known factory and its residential settlement (after this from Izrael Poznański), owned by Karol Scheibler.


The oldest temple in Łódź, made of larch wood, covered with tiles, with one nave and little tower. Baroque Revival altar inside the polychrome interior. Church and its belfry are the only two monuments in Łódź, dating back before nineteenth century.


Complex with park, the biggest Botanical Garden in Poland, lunapark, aquapark and zoo. Something for everyone – it can be fun, recreation, connection with nature. You can see huge variety of plants, exotic animals. Also there is a possibility for exploring park by foot or bike, riding on carousels or having fun at swimming pools and water slides.

One of the elements of nature that belongs to Botanical Garden is located in other part of Łódź – The Palm House, where you can admire exotic plants and insects.


Łódź is a green city with a lots of parks and forests. The biggest one is Łagiewniki Forest, which contains ancient forest with 200 years old oaks, various plants, trees and wild animals. Perfect place for walks, cycling, running and even horse rides. In summer time the additional attraction might be barbecue or sunbathing by the lake.


Winter sports enthusiasts can`t find themselves at city` ice rinks. There are three facilities available: Retkinia, Bombonierka and Manufaktura`s market squere ice rings.


The region of Łódź is a good place for professional sports training. We have some great representatives and huge teams at sports like: volleyball, rugby, soccer or horse riding. Everyone, who is interested in sports will find a team to support here. Those who wants to practice a discipline Academic Sport Association is open for them.


The public transport network in Lodz consists of tram and bus services, and it is operated by MPK Łódź (website: - Polish and English). This is a local company, therefore you cannot use bus or tram tickets from other Polish cities. A single ticket, known in Polish as bilet, can be bought from any newsagent’s booth, and comes in three time varieties (adult/student price in PLN): 20-minute (2,60 / 1,30), 40-minute (3,40 / 1,70) and 60-minute (4,40 / 2,20). The expected length of the trip is indicated on the timetable at the stop: you may need to add 5 or 10 minutes during the rush hours. Just after entering the bus, or the tram, you validate your ticket on your own. The puncher (usually a brown or orange box at the eye level) stamps the date and time on your ticket. Within the time limit of the ticket, you can change to any bus/tram service within the whole town. But, brace yourself for ticket controllers: they dress casually (except ID tags), appear suddenly (often on a random part of the route), rarely communicate in English, and may fine you for the lack of a valid ticket. Once fined, do not try to pay in cash right away: genuine controllers will issue you a fine receipt.

To use student tickets you must be able to show a valid Student’s ID when ticket controllers appear. Student tickets are known as bilet ulgowy. There are also handy 24-hour tickets (in Polish: bilet dobowy; 12,00 / 6,00 PLN) which work on the same principles as the ones described above: however, not all agents have them. Some tickets may also be available from a driver (but pay the exact amount): a single-fare ticket (3,80 / 1,90 PLN) does not entitle to change the vehicle and is valid from the moment of validating it in this particular vehicle only.


The Lodz city transport system may also differ from other cities in the following ways:

  • Luggage and animals are free of charge
  • All night bus services cross at one stop in the centre of the town, and wait there for 5-10 minutes, allowing passengers to change in any direction
  • All doors of the bus/tram car are used both for entering and exiting
  • Railway trains are not a part of city transport, but of a country-wide network

Be careful if a bus/tram has its service number tagged or altered into “do zajezdni”, or “ZAJ” – it will change the route and head to the depot.

You will find more information on Łódź and the University of Lodz in the Student Guide – University of Lodz



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