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The Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz



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Every year there is an event for celebrating the graduation of our students. We hold a big event called the gala with the authorities of the Faculty and of the University as well. The best students get promising internships opportunities that come from the Business Council. During the elegant Gala students receive diplomas with the farewell speech from the Rector. Later that day, we organize The Graduates` Ball with glass of champagne and dancing to the sounds of live music. It is a chance to spend wonderful, memorable moments with friends and professors.



The EKSOC DAY is an annual holiday for all the students from our Faculty. It is a day free from classes, with fun moments, games, concerts, barbecue and much more. Our small tradition is to organize a volleyball and soccer competition between students and professors. But there is an important detail to mention – it is a beach volleyball and soccer, so some pavements change into a ground full of beach sand. It is a time full of joy, smile and family-like atmosphere.




Chinese Day is the annual event that takes place at our Faculty. The aim of the event is to get to know better Chinese culture and habits. You can listen to the students performing Chinese songs and dances. It is the time when people interested in Chinese culture can get together.


The Japanese Days are opportunity to learn how to wear kimono, prepare sushi, become a sumo wrestler, play go, shogi, kendama. This is not the end you can also watch movies about Japan, Japanese culture and customs. The concert of players of traditional the Japanese instruments is additional attraction.


Several times during the academic year we organize lectures about important Polish, European and global issues, held by famous guests. It is an opportunity for students to acquire knowledge from specialists and practitioners. Our University hosted e.g.: Former Prime Minister Marek Belka, Former President of the National Bank of Poland Leszek Balcerowicz, Ambassador Shewach Weiss,  Former Prime Minister Grzegorz Kołodko.


Summer School is an intensive programme with the nine years history. This year for our two weeks of lectures and workshops, we had almost 80 guest from three continents: Asia, South America and Europe. We exchanged our points of views about important for nowadays world issues, e.g. this year topic was `the Human Security in the Contemporary World`, with people from e.g.: Ecuador, Brasil, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Japan, Spain, Hungary, or Turkey. It is an opportunity for discussion with the company of intercultural, who has different perspectives for the same matters. It is a good chance to broadening horizons and getting friends form all of the world.


Annual student`s holiday, organized by the university, usually celebrated before the summer exams. It is a time filled with concerts, parties and sports events and competitions. During Juwenalia many good and well-known polish bands play free of charge for their audience. Our University Campus changes into crowded place full of joy, friendly atmosphere and smile.


Every year around Semptember, International Students Office organize the barbecue for newcomers - students who just started their studies at the University of Lodz. It is a first chance to meet other international students, speak to polish students or get to know better people from ISO. First, official together party with special purpose - to help foreigners to get acclimatized in Łódź, at peaceful area, with good food and fun games.



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