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The Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz



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Faculty’s Staff: Our Faculty is the biggest of the 12 faculties of the University of Lodz. It employs over 400 academic teachers. Almost every fourth of them bears the rank of associate or titular (full) professor. Research and didactic work is conducted within 8 main institutes the Faculty is divided into. Many of our graduates and academic staff have played an important role in Poland’s public life, as well as in the European Union’s institutions. We are proud of our graduates.
Educational offer:
After Poland’s accession to the EU the role of higher education has become more significant. Nowadays we are proud to have one of the best educational offers in economical and social fields in central Poland. Today we educate almost 6 000 students which means that 25% students of the University of Lodz study here! We offer 22 majors  available for all students; full-time, extra-mural, BA as well as MA studies; doctoral and post-Master`s degree training. Classes and lectures are held in Polish and English. We support and appreciate the activities of student organizations.
Our Faculty conducts multidirectional research in Poland and abroad. We hold guest lectures conducted by outstanding economists and humanists recognized in the world of science. We cooperate with universities from all around the world.
International cooperation and scholarships:
The Faculty’s staff successfully realizes international grants and research projects. We cooperate with over 50 universities from Europe, North and South Americas and Asia. Our employees and students can benefit from scholarships within the Erasmus+ Programme or Mobility Direct around Europe as well as from Summer School seminars in Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Poland.
Students Organizations:
Over twenty student organizations operate at the Faculty, involved in fields such as: finances, human resources, sociological methods of research, economics, logistic, journalism. These are associations in which our students develop their personal skills, do research, and realize projects. Student organizations like AIESEC and Erasmus Student Network University of Łódź (ESN) are always willing to help foreign students in their student lives.
Modern infrastructure:
Faculty of Economics and Sociology has been supremely equipped with modern computers accessible in many labs and classrooms. Wireless Internet is also available at the Facuty. The Faculty has its own library with multiple resorces in English. Students can dine in a Faculty canteen, there are also two buffets with snack and lunch meals and a cafe.
Our University, among eight Polish universities, earned a position in the QS University Rankings: Emerging Europe and Central Asia. We are also mentioned in the Times Higher Education ranking.



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