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The Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz



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Traditions of economic and sociological research circles in Lodz date back to 1920s when the Higher School of Economical and Sociological Sciences was founded. Thanks to the initiative of the Rector - Profesor Teodor Vieweger, the first building (today’s D building) was erected in 1937.

The 1945 decree establishing the University of Lodz proposed the formation of three faculties: the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Law and Economics. The last of them included Departments of Economics as well as Economic Policy and Statistics.

On the basis of the branch of Warsaw School of Economics in 1950 the Higher School of Economics was founded. Within the Higher School of Economics one could find such fields of study as Economics of Industry, Finance, Commodity Science and subsequently Trade and Commodity Science.

In 1965 the Faculty of Economics and Sociology was created at the University of Lodz. It combined the academic staff of the Higher School of Economics and a number of departments of the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Lodz. 

The first Polish School of Econometrics was founded in the end of the 1970s as the result of the cooperation between Professor Władysław Welfe and the Nobel Prize winner, Professor Lawrence Klein. In the 1990s Professor Wielisława Warzywoda-Kruszyńska began her research on the social exclusion in the conditions of poverty. Thus the Łódź School for Research on Poverty and Social Assistance was created.

In 2005 the first interdisciplinary seminar - Summer School with 20 participantes took place, thanks to the initiative of Professor Ryszard Piasecki. The number of participants of recent editions grew significantly up to 80 people.

Works of modernization and expansion of the Campus were in progress for 10 years.  The largest of the building was erected as well as the great lecture theatre which seats over 400 people. Nowadays classes are conducted in the Modern Informatics and Econometrics Centre. The project has been partly financed by the European Union with the means of European Regional Fund - the Programme Infrastructure and Environment in 2010.



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