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PhD Agnieszka Matuszewska-Pierzynka_postponed office hours

Monday’s office hours (07 March 2016) of PhD Agnieszka Matuszewska-Pierzynka will be postponed to Thursday (10 March 2016), 1-2 p.m.

Published: 01-03-2016

FindEcon 2016

Department of Econometrics at Institute of Econometrics, University of Lodz is proud to announce the release of 12th Bi-Annual Conference on Forecasting Financial Markets and Economic Decision-Making FindEcon 2016 that will take place on May 19-20, 2016, Lodz, Poland

FindEcon is an international meeting organized annually (from 2012 bi-annually). We have hosted participants from Poland and many other countries. The conference is a dynamic activity and has a very good score.

The conference will be open to students.

The  conference topic areas:

  • Micro- and macroeconomic modelling
  • Economic growth
  • Monetary, fiscal, trade policies and economic growth
  • Business cycle analysis and forecasting
  • Modelling and forecasting financial markets
  • Macroprudential policy, stress testing and economic policy
  • Pricing and valuation of capital and portfolio selection
  • Modelling and forecasting in data-rich environment
  • Operation research, game theory and optimal control as tools of economic decisions making
  • Advances in financial econometrics and statistics
Published: 11-05-2016

Economy Today. Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Economic Challenge Conference


Interdisciplinary PhD Students Society of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology would like to invite you to the conference ‘Economy Today. Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Economic Challenge’, 2nd edition.
The main topic of this edition is ‘How to escape a middle - income trap?’
We will start on 11th March 2016 at 9:45 from the lesson combined with a discussion conducted by prof. Grzegorz Kołodko, Polish economist, former Deputy Prime Minister, a key architect of Polish economic reforms and transformation.
The next panel starts at 11:30 with another special guest, prof. Dieter Eissel, who will discuss the above mentioned topic to the professors of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology.

The venue of the Conference: Faculty of Economics and Sociology, building T, auditory number 401.
For more information, please follow the link:


Published: 25-01-2016

Nobel laureate lecture & Conference


The Faculty of Management invites all the employees and students of the University of Lodz for an on-line lecture given by the Nobel laureate prof. Edward C. Prescott, entitled “Why are Northern America and Western Europe Depressed and Poland is not?”

Edward C. Prescott was awarded with Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2004.

The lecture will take place on 17th of December at 6 pm in the lecture room A at the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz (22/26 Matejki St.).

The lecture is a part of a scientific conference Current Economic and Social Topics International Colloquium CESTIC2015. More information about the conference is available on the conference website. Listening to the conference is free of charge.

Published: 10-12-2015

34th International Conference Multivariate Statistical Analysis MSA 2015

On November 16-18, 2015 at the Conference Center of the University of Łódź, Kopcińskiego 16/18 Street, 90-232 Łódź, Poland will be held 34th International Conference Multivariate Statistical Analysis MSA 2015, hosted by the Department of Statistical Methods, Institute of Statistics and Demography of University of Lodz and Polish Statistical Association.
The objective of the conference is to bring together academicians and scholars from around the world to review in detail, debate, and evaluate the most significant developments in 2015 in the field of statistics.
We will discuss about broad range of relevant topics from mathematical statistics, multivariate statistical methods to innovative applications.
We kindly invite to participate in our sessions and debates. Please refer to our conference website for further details.

Published: 05-11-2015

Token registration

The obligatory token registration for elective classes and bachelor seminars will take place between 19th of April 2016, 12:00 p.m. and 25th of April 2016, 11:59 p.m
The registraion is obligatory for students of:

  • ECONOMICS IST CYCLE STUDIES – 2nd year in academic year 2016/2017
  • ECONOMICS IST CYCLE STUDIES – 3rd year in academic year 2016/2017

For more information please check Student corner> Important information.

Published: 18-04-2016

Information meeting on opportunities to study in England

In accordance with the agreement between our Faculty and the University of Huddersfield in Great Britain our 1st degree students are able to receive the Bachelor Diploma from the University of Huddersfield (with the Bachelor Diploma from the University of Lodz) on the basis of studying the 3rd year of their course at the University of Huddersfield. This way the student receives two diplomas, of two Universities.

The meeting with Mr Allan will take place on 1st of March at 10.00 in E8.

Published: 23-02-2016

Erasmus opportunities of UŁ students

The information meeting for UŁ international students on Erasmus exchange opporutnities will take place at the beginning of summer semester. Please check our website in the following weeks for the exact date.

To find out more about general information about application process for Erasmus exchange stays in academic year 2016/2017, see below.

Published: 22-02-2016

Another Erasmus information meeting

Students who missed the Erasmus plus information meeting at Our Faculty can take part in the meeting that will take place at the Faculty of International and Political Studies (check address).
The meeting will take place on Monday, 22nd of Febraury at 13.30 in room A3 (Main Building). Please remember that the Erasmus Application Stage 1 finishes on 26th of Feburary at noon.

Published: 19-02-2016

The XII International Summer School 2016


This year Summer School is already over. Our students from the University of Sannio in Italy, Concetta and Luka, prepared a short review of what was happening at the Faculty during those first two weeks of July.

Published: 22-07-2016

The new Deans of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology


As a result of the elections and votes that took place in April and May 2016, the new Deans of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology have been elected for the term of office 2016-2020.

Starting from academic year 2016/2017 the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology will be Associate Professor Rafał Matera, Ph.D.

The Pro-Deans of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology will be Professor Krzysztof Konecki, Associate Professor Agnieszka Kurczewska, PhD, Associate Professor Michał Mackiewicz, PhD, Assistant Professor, Izabela Warwas, PhD, Associate Professor Michał Przybyliński, PhD and Mariusz Sokołowicz, PhD.


Published: 07-07-2016

Study with us!


If you want to become our student, you still have a chance! The recrutiment process of the University of Lodz for the academic year finishes on the 15th of July.

Our Faculty offers two courses in English:

1. Bachelor degree course in Economics

2. Master degree course in Economics and International Business

As a student of our Faculty you can also become a participant in summer schools and exchange programmes.

For more information on recrutiment process visit the website of the International Students Office.

See you in Lodz!

Published: 27-06-2016

A lecture Applying Your Knowledge in Risk Management

We would like to invite you to a talk by Dr. Tomas Klenke, Head of Risk Architecture at Commerzbank, Frankfurt/Main. After his studies at Cambridge University, he completed his PhD in mathematics at Harvard University. The topic of his talk will be: Applying Your Knowledge in Risk Management
Date: Wednesday, 11.05.2016 at 9:45 -11:15
Faculty of Economics and Sociology D208
Language of talk:

Published: 04-05-2016
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