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3rd year of Economics – New schedule of Controlling


Dear Students (3rd year of Economics),

there are another changes in plan for Controlling - the subject, which we are going to start on 23rd of February (Thursday).

8:00 - 9:45 D305 Controlling - lecture (meeting for both groups at the same time)

16:45 - 18:20 D110 Controlling - exercises for group 1

18:30 - 20:05 D305 Controlling - exercises for group 2.

Please come to the first lecture on 23rd of February at 8:00 to D305 - during the first meeting I explain you all organisational issues connected with our subject face to face to be sure that everything is clear.

Best regards,

Agnes Matuszewska-Pierzynka

Published: 15-02-2017

Conference “Economic Growth, Labour Market and Innovation of the Economy”

We sincerely invite you to participate in the conference on “Economic Growth, Labour Market and Innovation of the Economy” held by the Chair of Macroeconomics and the Chair of Microeconomics Departments. The conference will take place on June 22-23, 2017 at the University of Lodz Training and Conference Centre in Lodz, 26 Rogowska Street. For more information please visit our website: (sub-site Conferences).

Published: 22-03-2017

EU SSSI 2017 Studying Everyday Life: Generic Dimensions of Interactionist Inquiry

The University of Lodz is proud to host the 8th Conference of the European Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (EU SSSI), Studying Everyday Life: Generic Dimensions of Interactionist Inquiry, which will be held at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology from July 4th-8th, 2017.
The conference seeks to build upon the organizational experiences and successful practices established through the previous EU SSSI conferences in Pisa (2010), Kassel (2011), Rotterdam (2012), Uppsala (2013), Aalborg (2014), Salford (2015), and Topola (2016). The aim is to provide an interdisciplinary and international forum within which to utilize and extend symbolic interactionist theory and methods in the thick description and exploration of human lived experience as an evolving social process embedded in the individual’s understanding of how to manage social and cultural constraints within given contexts. The conference is also intended to foster consideration of the ways in which such empirical endeavors contribute to a more generic understanding of human group life as represented in people’s perspectives, identities, activities, relationships, collective ventures, and the like.

Published: 01-02-2017

Politics and policy of sport and recreation

Regardless of some naïve appeals for excluding sport from political conflicts, it remains an inherently political phenomenon. In recent years various aspects of sport politics and policies have been discussed in vivid public debates and approached by researchers from all around the globe. The conference will provide a forum for wide-ranging and interdisciplinary debate concerning all issues referring to the topic of sport politics and policies from a variety of academic fields, including: sociology, political science, social policy, criminology, history, law, geography, and sport studies. We understand sport broadly, including: elite/high performance sport, competitive and recreational sports, disability sport and lifestyle sports.  Conference will be held at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology from September 20th-22th, 2017. More information

Published: 01-02-2017

USOSweb login password and email

If you cannot login to your USOSweb or are not receiving emails from Teachers/Students Office here is the solution:



From the next academic year on (2017/2018 ) all students will use Active Directory accounts.

The above also means that all students will be given a Microsoft email account to receive any and all emails from University of Lodz.

Published: 31-03-2017

Recruitement for scholarship program Mizuta Josai University Educational Corporation

We invite you to apply for scholarship Mizuta Josai University Educational Corporation in Japan. If you are interested in one-year scholarship in Japan, please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions:

2017 Mizuta Scholarship Terms and Conditions

2017 Mizuta Scholarship Application

Published: 24-03-2017

Token registration for academic year 2017/2018

In the following period: 28.03.2017 - 02.04.2017 obligatory token registration for Bachelor seminars and elective lectures will take place. At that time students of the first and second year should choose their courses for the next year.

More information is available here:
Student Corner > Full-time students > Students affairs > Token registration

Published: 24-03-2017

After mobility USOSweb instruction

The instruction explaining steps that students have to follow after completing their mobility in partner university (Erasmus , Mobility Direct, Campus Europae) is available in Mobility Programmes > Erasmus for Outgoing Students > After Moblity.

Students are obliged to fill in grades obtained during mobility in USOSweb themselves.

Published: 13-03-2017

Lecture by Professor Maria Luigia Segnana

All students are welcome to the lecture: "Global production and SMEs" by professor Maria Luigia Segnana on the 25th of April 2017 at 11:30 in the T-401 lecture hall.
Professor is a Full Professor of International Economics at the Dipartimento di Economia, Faculty of Economics Universita di Trento in Italy.


Published: 20-04-2017

Lecture by Professor Hartmut Marhold

We would like to welcome all students to the lecture "After Brexit - Why and How to Reform the EU?" by professor Hartmut Marhold on the 20th of April 2017 at 9:30 in the T-401 lecture hall.
Professor Marhold is the Honorary Professor of the University of Cologne, Vice-President of IEP, Director of Research, CIFE.

Published: 11-04-2017

Cancelled classes and lectures on 5th of April between 8.00 - 14.50

On 5th of April between 8.00 and 14.50 classes and lectures are cancelled by the Dean due to XVII Festiwal Nauki, Techniki i Sztuki (17th Science, Technology and Art Fair)

Published: 03-04-2017

Chinese Culture Days


EKSOC students from China invite employees and students to Chinese Culture Days which will take place between 27th and 31st of March 2017.

During the Chinese Culture Days participants will have a chance to get to know the real oriental world, taste delicious Chinese food, get to know their Zodiac, play games and win prizes! Also during five workshops you will have an opportunity to learn Chinese language, calligraphy, dance and the art of making Chinese dumplings.

Published: 17-03-2017


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