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Make your work visible before you publish!

Submit your article to Lodz Economics Working Paper series and:

  • Let your colleagues know what you are working on!
  • Gain feedback from researchers all over the world!
  • Raise the number of citations!
  • Make sure no one will plagiarize your work by making it publicly available!
  • Help yourself and our faculty gain international recognition!

We encourage you to submit papers in all areas of economics, which you subsequently plan to publish in international journals.

Remember! Making your article a Working Paper does not close the opportunity to publish it in the high-quality international academic journals. In fact, it can only help!

Lodz Economics Working Paper series accepts complete scientific papers in all areas of economics, written in good English. Our aim is to make your work visible and help you gain international recognition. Working papers are available in electronic format only. There is no formal peer review process, but editors perform desk review to ensure that submitted papers meet the criteria of an original, scientific paper, are written in good in English and have adequate construction. If you are uncertain whether your paper meets these requirements, please refer to the before you submit section.

Lodz Economics Working Papers are indexed by IDEAS and are freely available to all researchers around the world.

Editorial Board:

Victor Bystrov (Editor-in-Chief)
Joanna Dzionek-Kozłowska
Rafał Matera

Please read this section carefully before you submit your paper.

Articles submitted for publication should be based on recognized scholarly standards, although they will go through the desk review process only. This means that they will be checked for consistency with general rules that apply for publishing scientific papers. However, no formal peer review process means that the content, including the quality of research, methods and outcomes remain the sole responsibility of the contributing authors. The editors may contact the authors if they suspect cardinal errors in research, but normally they will refrain from intervening in the content.

Remember that copyright of articles remains with the authors - but so does legal responsibility for any content. The accepted papers will be stored in the University of Lodz Repository. i.e. the authors declare that the Repository may publish the paper free of charge, on the basis of Creative Commons license (See the details on the website)

We encourage submissions from all researchers as well as doctoral and graduate students. Before you submit, we strongly advise you to use the following checklist:

  • Is my paper complete? Does it have abstract, introduction, methodology and data sections, description of results and also conclusions and references?
  • Does my paper have a title which corresponds to its content (and is neither too broad, nor too narrow)?
  • Does my introduction provide the context of the research?
  • Is the aim of the paper made clear in the introduction?
  • Is the paper clearly written and presented?
  • Do I introduce the methods used clearly and convince the reader that my methods are appropriate?
  • Do I describe the data clearly and precisely? Do I provide all source of data and descriptive statistics of the variables I am using?
  • Do I explain all the variables well in the paper?
  • Are my conclusions well-grounded? Do I not exaggerate my conclusions (very important – a common mistake of young researchers’ papers)?

…and finally:

  • Is my paper written in good English (remember that your paper will be read by researchers all over the world)? If you have any doubts, it is a good idea to have it proofread by a Native Speaker.

Have you answered “yes” to all the above questions? If so, go on and submit your paper!


Does your paper comply with the checklist from the  Before you submit section?

Then we are waiting for it! Send a file in a PDF format to: lewp@uni.lodz.pl. Your paper will be approved upon positive outcome of the desk review.

You can find all issues of Lodz Economics Working Papers here.

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